Short hair would be an understatement. My hair is like super short. What most people would call the "boy cut". But now, since it’s become a thing, it’s got a term. A proper term - "pixie cut". The word is taken from those little teeny tiny fairies that some of us would have watched in cartoons.  I am pretty sure y'all know that.  A pixie is more of a variant rather than the short hairstyle itself in general but now let’s not go into it because this post is not about the different pixie hairstyles. Nope! This is about the social experience of wearing a pixie. These are personal experiences from where I live, that is India. You might relate to some, some maybe not. I have many stories to tell but I’ll pick out the best ones and believe me, it’s going to be hilarious ahead.

The Classic confusion: Are you a boy or a girl?
Okay! So this question right here, I have been answering this my whole life. Sometimes it’s really weird but mostly it’s just funny. Now in my exper…


Every now and then , all of us need some time off. At a point of time all we need to do is just stop. Stop doing everything and just stay still. And well just look at ourselves and wonder what exactly are we doing . This reminds of that poem "Keeping Quiet"  by Pablo Neruda from my 12th standard English textbook . It said , " And now we will all count to twelve and we will all keep still."

I do that a lot.

Not literally counting to twelve ! Ha!

But, you know, just keep still. Not just physically. But mentally too. All my thoughts, worries and everything that goes on in this catacomb of a mind, just still.

And you know what ? It feels good . Really , really good !

Keeping still doesn't mean closing yourself in your room and lying on your bed , still. Now that's just lazy !
But sometimes , it's just having a quiet stroll in the park or some time in the beach , sitting by a lake or well just cycling through the streets . Basically , it's just letting …

5 Easy Must Haves for A Harry Potter Themed Room.

Fandoms are the craze nowadays. Being a part of one gives you this amazing feeling of belongingness. Being able to share your interest with others, talking about those fictional characters in an attempt to make them real is just fascinating. Doesn't one always wish it was all real?
When it comes to Fandoms, the biggest and the most loved one as far as I believe is the HARRY POTTER SERIES. Those who belong to this fandom are called Potterheads. And yes, I am a proud Potterhead! So it's literally every Potterhead’s dream to live the life of a wizard or a Witch, and by a witch I don't mean a long faced, cloaked old woman stirring a pot of some bubbling green potion. But someone as smart as Hermione Granger, as quirky as Luna Lovegood or as brave as Ginny Weasley. Well, it's been years all of us have been waiting for our letters from Hogwarts. But true Potterheads can't wait for all the magic already and where else is a better place to start than your own room? So, in thi…

How the ideal student ended up taking a break year after high school .

First is first. This is my first time blogging and my first post, so a big shout out to all those readers out there who are going to hopefully read my posts.
Well, it’s been 10 months since I passed out of my 12th standard. That's high school right! And where I live , that's in India (I think , it pretty much applies to every kid out of high school , anywhere in the world ) we are expected to know what we really want to pursue ahead ,proper "career" as they say. And as a matter of fact, I did!
All my school life, I've kind of been the ideal kid. Or at least I think that's what people saw me as. The overachiever as one of my friends mentioned. The know-it-all girl. To be honest, I liked all of it. I still do. But also I liked to think of myself as the all-rounder. I liked to try my hand at literally everything. And of course be extremely good at it. Some things did, some did not. But ultimately, I did succeed in being called the all-rounder at school. And I was …