Every now and then , all of us need some time off. At a point of time all we need to do is just stop. Stop doing everything and just stay still. And well just look at ourselves and wonder what exactly are we doing . This reminds of that poem "Keeping Quiet"  by Pablo Neruda from my 12th standard English textbook . It said , " And now we will all count to twelve and we will all keep still."

I do that a lot.

Not literally counting to twelve ! Ha!

But, you know, just keep still. Not just physically. But mentally too. All my thoughts, worries and everything that goes on in this catacomb of a mind, just still.

And you know what ? It feels good . Really , really good !

Keeping still doesn't mean closing yourself in your room and lying on your bed , still. Now that's just lazy !
But sometimes , it's just having a quiet stroll in the park or some time in the beach , sitting by a lake or well just cycling through the streets . Basically , it's just letting yourself free of the reality around you and immerse yourself in a totally different world.
So , as I said I've had some experiences like that and thought it would be fun to share one such story with you all. So here you go, the new world I discovered.

This is the lake I am talking about . 

Well, a lake would be an exaggeration . It's more like a pond but a really big one . So , one day I was really frustrated with something I don't remember now . Probably something silly . And to relieve myself of that, I decided to take my cycle and just ride around.
I had been living in my locality for like five years and to my surprise there were so many places I didn't know existed . So many streets , different routes to the same place . It was like exploring a new world . So , I was going through one such street. This one had a few houses and double storey flats on its sides but was relatively quiet than the others. I stood with my cycle at the beginning of the street and I looked at the end . The street was raised towards the end and almost looked like a dead end . Mind you ALMOST .
Already , I had started to feel like an explorer and that made me ride towards the end. And what I saw there definitely wasn't a dead end . It was a lake !

A small lake or a big pond , whatever you wanna call that. But the point is, it was so beautiful ! I had never seen anything like it, atleast not amidst flats and houses in a city.
It was so quiet not like one of those touristy lakes with buzzing tourists. It was serene. It was like a scenery, but a live one. You could hear birds chirping, rustling of the leaves and all the things one loves about nature. But the best part was that you could watch the sunset from there. And that day I did . The big red ball of fire setting in the horizon. The sky was red around it. Well, It was not setting through the mountains like in a scenery but through a few buildings, it's really hard to find mountains in a city. But still it was sunset after all.

The big red ball of fire !

All of it was beautiful . And it just struck me that how lucky the people were who lived near that lake . It was so peaceful there .

After spending some time there when it was getting dark , I knew I had to leave . But, I was happy because I could come back whenever I want to . Its nearby . It gave me a feeling that it was "My Place " since I discovered it. I know a thousands of people knew it was there but I guess no one really appreciated it as I did . It was because it gave me the solitude and peace I needed to get away from the frustration . And that is why it is My Place.
I went there a few times after that day . I didn't want to ruin just how special it was by going there all the time . It was meant for those few times I needed to just get away from reality and be with myself at peace .

And that's how I discovered a lake !
So, you should all just get out of your house and get some "me time" . Who knows you might discover something else.


  1. Worth admiring.. Whatever you wrote..I could perfectly feel it and it felt as if I was experiencing it all personally :) ...Great job Rhea ..This post is surely helpful for melancholiacs ..keep up the good work ��

    1. Really glad that this post could connect with someone as it did with you ..Thanks a lot ! I will keep writing for readers like you !

  2. You inspire me! Your throughts and your experiences, also the fact that you are blogging! Keep going my girl!

    1. Haha , thankyou girl ! Means a lot when coming from you ! I'm glad I'm able to inspire you .


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